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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is Sierra Leone Airports Authority?

  • Sierra Leone Airports Authority is the statutory body that manages the efficient operations of the country’s Freetown International Airport, Hastings Airstrip and all Airfields and Helipads in Sierra Leone.

2. Which Act of Parliament governs the role of the Authority?

  • The Authority is governed by the Airports Authority Act of 1988.

3. Which Ministry governs the Sierra Leone Airports Authority?

  • The Authority is governed by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation.

4. How early does the airport open? 

  • The airport is open 24 hours per day; however, each airline sets its own hours of operation which is dictated by its flight schedule, therefore please contact your airline directly to determine how early you may check-in for a flight. 

5. What is the airport’s mailing address?

6. Is Airports Authority responsible solely for the airlines?

  • Airports Authority does not manage the operations of the airlines; the Authority is responsible for the development and management of the airport estates.

        The travelling public is advised to contact their respective airlines for all airline related matters.

7. How long before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

  • The Sierra Leone Airports Authority recommends arriving three hours before departure, but please check directly with your airline for specific recommendations. 

8. Where can I find out if a flight has arrived?

9. Can I get a tax refund at the airport on departure?

  • Tax refund is not available at the airport.

10. Are there any foreign exchange bureaus at the arrival and departure areas?

  • Yes there are two exchange bureaus at the Arrival building.
    Tap Foreign Exchange Bureau Ltd 076-410088 / 078-722455.
    Usisk Foreign Exchange Bureau Ltd 076-627579 / 076-242496.

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